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Elena Hidalgo

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Elena Hidalgo, descended from General Commander Julián Sánchez "El Charro", is Multi-instrumentalist (saxophone, guitar, drums, violin, keyboard), Sound Designer/Engineer, Composer/Producer and Educator.

She has a Music Education Degree and Bachelor`s Degree in Musicology with a Master in Hispanic Music with specialty in Ethnomusicology from the University of Valladolid (Spain). She gets the Piano Professional Degree at the Valladolid Music Conservatory and Sound Engineering Diploma at Microfusa School in Barcelona.

In 2005, she opens her own engineering company, computer and music combining it with the writing of sound equipment articles.

During 2006-2012, she teaches at the Education School of the Musical Didactics, Plastic and Corporal Expression Departament and at the Music section of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of University of Valladolid and Salamanca (Spain).

In 2007, she travels to Los Angeles (U.S.A) to investigating and music promoting where she gets in touch with Sound Engineers and Producers such as José "Chilitos" Valenzuela (author of 9 audio engineering books), Rafa Sardina (12 Grammy Awards), Kenny O`Brien (5 Grammy Awards), Fernando Cavazos (5 Grammy Awards) and so on.

In 2008, she is part as a Research Technician of the MultiCom (Multimedia Collection Management) research project (NºI/06/b/F/PP-154013)

In 2010, she is VISITING RESEARCHER at the UCLA University of California (Los Angeles, U.S.A) and VISITING SCHOLAR at the Huddersfield University (U.K) in 2013, in this latter receiving training in sound field from Kim Cascone , Julio d´Escriván and Monty Adkins among others.

At the present, she is teacher specialised in sound in Advanced School of Image and Sound, director of the Title of University Expert in Sound Design at Miguel de Cervantes European University (UEMC), member of Sound Design and Video Mapping Coordination Group of the European Programme HEART OF EUROPE, and Visiting Professor at European University of Madrid teaching Master in Producción Creativa de la Música.

She holds a Ph.D Thesis in Computer Music and Musicology at the Huddersfield University from United Kingdom (the "Times Higher Education" award winner in 2013) where she is member of Sound.Music.Image research centre (SMIC) and is participating in other music departament based projects.

Likewise, she offers international lectures & papers (Germany, Spain, Portugal, etc.), writes articles, is member of AMEE asociation (Asociación de Música Electraocústica de España) as a director of journal and she composes experimental electronic music for different events such as Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week,Unión Europea de Radiotelevisión/European Broadcasting Union (UER/EBU), El Corte Inglés, SIAL ediciones, Sons Creativos (USC), UNICEF, OXFAM, and Zawp.


Sound Design — Audio Programming Language — Web Audio API — Live Coding — Audio Branding — Semiotics of Sound — Music Technology — Electroacoustic Musicology.

Elena Hidalgo
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