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Elena Hidalgo

  • December 2017 - Currently:
    Member of Sound Design nd Video Mapping Coordination of the European Programme HEART OF EUROPE
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  • 5 May 2016:
    PREMIERE Isorythmic Guitar at Casa do Saber in Lugo organised by Sons Creativos-8th edition.
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  • November 2015:
    Masterclass: An introduction to Sound Design on Ableton Live. European University of Madrid (Spain).

  • 7-9 May 2015:
    IX SYMPOSIUM PAPER CONFERENCE in Cáceres(Spain). University of Extremadura
    Download PDF leaflet

  • 12th November 2014:
    Performing the acousmatic work "Wormhole" at XXI Festival Punto de Encuentro, Valencia (Spain).
    Download PDF Programm

  • 17-19 October 2014:
    The musical work "Orbital Storm" is selected to be performed at ZAPW Bilbao (Spain) - "La Escucha Errante 2014".
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  • 4-6 October 2013:
    FUNCTIONAL SOUNDS PAPER CONFERENCE in Berlin (Germany). Humboldt - Universität zu Berlin
    "Sound Design: creating visual and tactile perceptions".
    Download PDF Programm

  • 17-21 June 2013:
    EMS13 PAPER CONFERENCE in Lisbon, Portugal (21st June) applying SEMIOTIC ANALYSIS:
    "Musical Signification in Acousmatic Works: the case of Eduardo Polonio".
    Download PDF Shedule

  • 19 th March, 2013:
    Collaborating with OXFAM in its FASHION SHOW "Who Runs the world? Girls!". Huddersfield (U.K). Listen

  • 11-12 th May, 2012:
    Premiere "Ciclo Naturalógico" and Round table participation "Música,Naturaleza: Pedagogía". Santiago University. Casa do saber, Lugo(Spain) see leaflet

  • 29 th April, 2010:
    PAPER CONFERENCE "Tecnoaula:Un nuevo espacio para la improvisación musical". Salamanca University. Facultad de Geografía e Historia (Spain) see poster

  • 25 th March, 2010:
    Round Table participation. "III Curso de Moda Valladolid". Salón de grados. Filosofía y Letras(Spain). see poster

  • 15 th February, 2008:
    Premiere "Mantis" at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, Madrid (Spain).

  • July-August 2007:
    Investigating and music promotion in Los Angeles, California (U.S.A)

  • Noviembre 2006:
    Organising and chairing the conference “Inteligencia creativa y desarrollo personal" by producer&composer Jesús Yanes. University of Valladolid (Spain).

  • Christmas 2005:
    International Christmas song recorded "Today it is Christmas" through online-community digitalmusician.net (DMN)

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